PVC coated steel wire rope

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PVC coated steel wire rope is currently the most widely used type of plastic coated steel wire rope. It is favored by customers for its relatively low price and good quality.

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PVC coated steel wire rope is widely used because of its low price and good quality.

The full name of PVC is POLYVINYL CHLORIDE, which has good extensibility; in terms of flexibility, abrasion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, its performance is slightly worse than PU, but the price is much lower than PU. if customer do not have high requirements about  abrasion resistance and softness, can choose PVC type.

Plastic coating requires good mechanical properties and wear resistance. It use a plastic coating machine to gradually heat and soften the pvc plastic, and evenly wrap the molten pvc plastic on the outer surface of the steel wire rope, with a specific mold, and finally form a smooth plastic-coated surface.

The PVC coated steel wire rope surface looks more beautiful and the structure is more stable, which can extend the service life of the wire rope. The colors of the plastic-coated steel wire rope are transparent white, black, yellow, green, red, etc., and can be coated with different plastic colors according to customer needs. It is widely used in skipping rope, fitness equipment, planting cable, clothes line, traction rope, etc.

The size and color of PVC plastic-coated steel wire rope can be customized. The internal steel wire can be stainless steel steel wire rope or galvanized steel wire rope. The plastic coated part can protect the internal steel wire rope from corrosion, with longer service life and more stable structure. Plastic-coated steel wire rope has outstanding corrosion resistance, which is 3.5-5 times the life span of general galvanized steel wire rope. Plastic-coated steel wire rope has good wear resistance because the wire and wire, strands and strands in the rope are separated by coating, and the service life is 1.5-2 times that of ordinary steel wire ropes. The fatigue resistance of plastic-coated steel wire rope is about twice that of ordinary steel wire rope.


Product Name  PVC coated steel wire rope
Material Coating : PVCSteel wire rope : galvanized steel /stainless steel 316/304/201,
Surface ofSteel wire rope hot dip galvanized, electro galvanized, polished ,oil coated, etc.
color Transparent, green ,yellow, red, black , blue, purple, or as your requirements
Construction ofSteel wire rope  1*7 / 7*7/ 7*19/19*7,etc.
Applications  Aircraft Cable; Automobile Clutch Cable, Control Cables; Telecommunication , gym cables, spring cables, woven wire sieve, handicraft,  electrical home appliances and raw material, clocks and watches, mechanical equipment, hardware components, etc.

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