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There are generally 7 steel wires in each prestressed steel strand, and there are also 2, 3 and 19 steel wires. The steel wires can have a metal or non-metal anti-corrosion layer. HDPE coated with anti-corrosion grease or paraffin wax is called unbonded prestressed steel strand.

  • FOB Price: US $0.05 - 0.25 / Meter
  • Min.Order Quantity: 10000 Meters
  • Supply Ability: 100000 Meters Per Week
  • Package: coil, wooden reel, plastic reel, iron reel, pp bag
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    Galvanized Steel Strand / Prestressed concrete steel strand

    Executive Standard

    YB/T 5004-2012 GB/T1179-2008

    Product Application

    Galvanized steel strand is usually used for messenger wire, guy wire, core wire or strength member, etc., and can also be used as earth wire/ground wire for overhead power transmission, barrier cable on both sides of roads or structure cable in building structures.

    Treatment process Hot-Dip Galvanizing



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    Production Workshop

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    Specializing in the production of various specifications of prestressed concrete steel strands, prestressed steel wires, unbonded prestressed steel strands, etc. Annual production capacity of 10,000 tons


    Advanced production technology:


    The supporting WE-100KN, WE-300KN, JEW-600KN tensile testing machine, CWJ-6 motorized bending testing machine, SL-300 electro-hydraulic servo relaxation testing machine and other advanced testing equipment and complete and professional testing methods are advanced The production technology and inspection and testing equipment ensure the product quality



    Galvanized steel strand is usually used for messenger wire, guy wire, core wire or strength member, etc. It can also be used as an earth wire/ground wire for overhead transmission, a barrier cable on both sides of a highway, or a structure cable in a building structure. The commonly used prestressed steel strand in prestressed steel strand is uncoated steel strand for prestressed concrete, and it is also galvanized. It is commonly used in bridges, construction, water conservancy, energy and geotechnical engineering, etc., unbonded steel strand or monostrand is commonly used in floor slab and foundation engineering etc.

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