Why choose wire skipping rope?

Let’s Compare several common skipping ropes on the market.

1. Plastic skipping rope

Plastic rope is relatively cheap among all skipping ropes, and it is also relatively strong, not easy to knot, and cost-effective, but the weight is too light, only suitable for beginners.

2. Cotton skipping rope

The cotton skipping rope is moderately hard and moderately weighted. If you accidentally hit it, it won’t hurt you, but it’s usually slower to jump up and is more suitable for beginners. Elderly people can also choose.

3. Bamboo skipping rope

Bamboo skipping rope usually has a long handle, which is suitable for fancy skipping ropes, and the ropes will not be entangled together. The ropes have a certain weight and are relatively durable. They are suitable for most people.

4. Steel wire skipping rope

The wire skipping rope is thinner and the handle is shorter, so the rope will turn faster, so it is relatively professional skipping rope, but it is not durable and easy to break, so you can buy a few more at a time. Suitable for people who exercise professionally.

5. Nylon skipping rope

Nylon skipping rope is strong and lighter, but it is not easy to grasp the hand feeling when shaking. It is more suitable for single person use, not suitable for multiple people to jump the big rope.

6. Rubber rope

Rubber rope is very strong and wear-resistant, but it is usually heavier, and it is more difficult for ordinary people to shake off, and it is easy to trip themselves. Unless the skipping skills are better, do not choose this skipping rope.

Obviously, the wire skipping rope is more practical for bodybuilders


Now Let’s see Bangyi wire skipping rope:


Post time: May-26-2021