The best companion for weight loss and body shaping-hula hoop

Weighted Exercise Fitness Hoop 8 Section Detachable Exercise Hoop, Portable Soft Adjustable Sport Weighted Hoop for Women Lose Weight, Workout



- Weighted exercise hoop is made of high-density foam which makes it more comfortable. The soft foam perfectly fits your waist while exercising and provides effective massage pressure, it minimizes any discomfort for beginners.

-This lose weight fitness hoop is more effective to burn up to 403 calories in an hour. The exercise
hoop for adults with wave design will increase your workout efficiency and helps you get more calories burned!

-Hoops exercise will strengthen you, not only can you slim your waist and
weight loss, but also help to shape beautiful arm and leg line, make you leaner and fitter. The best choice for beginners and professionals.

-The weighted exercise hoop is detachable. 6 sections suitable for kids, 7 and 8 sections are suitable for teens and adults. You can burn calories anywhere, such as the playground, at home, the gym, or the park.


【Let The Waist Burn】
Weighted Hoop training is a relatively intensive exercise. Regular exercise can enhance the coordination of the body, shape charming curves and a healthy body for you. With this fitness hoop, not only effective in burn calories, promote fat burning, strengthen core, but also shape beautiful arm and leg lines. In addition, weighted exercise hoop used for weight loss can improve digestion, relieve constipation and stimulating
circulation of the blood
【Professional Weighted Hoop for Adults Kids】
Each part of weighted hoop is made of soft and skin-friendly EVA foam material wrapped with a high quality and durable ABS plastic core, firm and reliable not deformed. Thickened foam making the rotation more stable and comfortable, which can protect the waist and avoid waist injury during exercise
【Detachable Design & Adjustable Size】
This weighted hoop is detachable and easy to assemble, come with 8 sections. Our fitness hoop can be adjusted according to different body shapes and ages – 6 sections for childs (66 cm), 7 sections for teens or adults (78 cm), 8 sections for adults (90 cm). Only a small space is needed for storage and convenient to carry. Suitable for home, office, gym and so on, take it when you travel and exercise with it
【Waveform Hoop Design】
This weighted exercise hoop adopts a special waveform design, each section has two massage points. The unique massage point can deeply stimulate the muscles, massage the waist points and eliminating fatigue. It is particularly useful for postpartum waist training and after long periods of sitting in an office
【Adjustable Weight】
Bangyi fitness hoop can increase the training intensity depending on the situation . You can add beans, grains, sand or steel balls to increase the fitness weight of the fitness hoop. This excellent fitness hoop provides you with the resistance you need to get more exercise from your fitness and is a wonderful supplement to most routine exercises

Post time: May-21-2021