Professional speed skipping rope-Aluminum alloy handle wire skipping rope


Help you improving your double unders and help competitors to get to the next level: triple under. Our advanced bearing balls allows an exclusive fast spin

You get the perfect fit making it ideal for both adults and teens. It’s tangle-resistant so you can work as fast as you want without any disruption

Whether you’re at home or on the go, our workout jump ropes give you the freedom to workout anytime and anywhere you want

Speed jump ropes are ultra-high speed ropes, thanks to the advanced ball bearing mechanism that helps spin the rope almost effortlessly

Our professional jump rope was designed for ladies and gents and is easily adjustable for your best comfort

all Bearing Jump Rope is adjustable and will not twist, which can avoid your skin suffering a lot of pain.

Skipping Rope is mainly made of Strong, wear-resistance and durable metal material for a long service life.

Steel Wire Skipping Rope has metal handle with comfortable hand feel, and its lightweight design makes it easier to hold even during high-intensity exercise.

Fitness Jump Rope with lightweight design is very suitable for jumping during high-intensity exercise and portable to carry.

Speed Jump Rope has dual rotating mechanism of 360° rotating ball bearing and increases its rotation power and provides you with great flexibility of movement.

Skipping rope with aluminum alloy, anti-slip and lightweight handle design is very suitable for family fitness and outdoor exercise, and solves the entanglement problem of traditional ropes. And it is suitable for MMA training, professionals who are proficient in bodybuilding, boxing, aerobics, and personal training equipment.

Adjust the screws on both sides, loosen and adjust the length of this rope as needed, and then tighten this screw again, suitable for all ages.

Professional Speed Jump Rope , Flexible Jump ropes for fitness for women men, Corssfit Jump Rope, Quite Skipping Rope, with Bearing & Slender Aluminum Alloy Handle, Extra Replacement Metal Rope

Post time: Jul-07-2021