Indoor sport best selection- Ropeless counter skipping rope



Advantages of electronic counter cordless skipping rope:
1. Can be carried out in a small space
2. Will not hit or trip and hurt yourself by accident
3. There is no friction between the rope and the ground, and it does not disturb the people
4. Consumption that can be counted and calculated


First of all, rope skipping is definitely an exclusive artifact for weight loss partners, especially those with a BMI> 28. Skipping

Although the pressure on the knees is relatively lower than other exercises, it is still a serious problem for small partners with heavy weight.

Especially when you haven’t fully grasped the correct jump rope leg posture at the beginning. Losing weight is originally a “long-term battle”, if at the beginning

When I was injured, I undoubtedly dealt a double blow mentally and physically to the little buddies who lost weight. But there will be no rope skipping

Questions. With no rope skipping, there is no rope restraint and restriction, and it will be easier to jump.

Secondly, rope skipping is more free from the restrictions of the venue and weather, and will not disturb the people. There is no shortage of complaints from downstairs on the Internet about skipping rope upstairs at home and disturbing the people. Don’t

Believe in any remarks that add a cushion and it’s okay. In fact, the sound of rope hitting the ground is far more pronounced downstairs than the sound you hear when you jump at home.

Much bigger. But no rope skipping has this problem. The jump height without rope is lower than with rope. There is no sound of rope hitting the ground. With one

With a pair of good shoes and a good fitness mat, there is almost no sound when jumping at home. Even if there is a sound, it is acceptable to the neighbors downstairs. This is reliable. In addition, when there is no way to skip rope outside for reasons such as strong wind, rain and snow, it is a good choice to practice rope skipping at home.

Thirdly, rope skipping is an auxiliary artifact for beginners to exercise hand and foot coordination, and advanced ones for advanced training. For those who are just starting to learn to skip rope

It is a particularly good choice to use rope skipping for aerial jumping exercises, posture exercises, hand coordination exercises, and hand-foot coordination exercises. Especially children

. In the teaching process, we will encounter all kinds of rope skipping postures. Shrugging, open arms, forearm valgus, uncoordinated hands, uncoordinated hands and feet

Tune abounds. Most of them can be corrected by rope skipping exercises. Professional rope skippers, especially speed jumpers, are performing wrist turns

When doing exercises and wrist endurance exercises, they will also rely on cordless skipping for exercises.

Post time: Jun-28-2021