How to choose skipping rope?

How to choose a rope for skipping?



1. Look at the material characteristics

A softer rope is relatively safe and suitable for slow jumping. Steel wire or nylon ropes are not suitable for ordinary people. Plastic and rubber ropes have a certain weight, so they are suitable for fast demanders.

2. Choose according to the crowd

Beginners can choose transparent, solid, thin, and a certain weight of plastic skipping rope. The rope has a certain weight, so beginners can easily swing it. The elderly should use cotton rope. This kind of rope feels good when thrown, it doesn’t hurt to hit the body, and the speed is not fast. Professional athletes can choose nylon skipping rope. This kind of rope is more difficult and laborious, but the exercise effect is good. Moreover, the cloth rope skips for a long time and will not wear hands. It is suitable for people with high frequency and high exercise intensity.

3. Look at the length of the rope

The length of the rope is best to be adjustable. If the rope is too long or too short, it will cause uncoordinated movements when jumping. With the improvement of rope skipping skills, the length of skipping rope can be gradually shortened. Generally speaking, when standing with one foot on the center of the rope, it is more appropriate to pull the two ends of the rope to the armpit.

4. Look at the handle

The length and thickness of the handle are also very important. The longer it is, the greater the turning force of the skipping rope. When you first start jumping, it is best to choose a long handle with about 5cm left in the front when holding the handle. The thickness is about 22~25mm, and you can easily hold the two handles with one hand.


Post time: May-26-2021