Galvanized Steel Wire Rope Introduction


1. High-quality materials, high-quality carbon steel, 45# 60# 65# 70#, etc., and the surface treatment process is hot-dip galvanizing Or electro-galvanized
2. Galvanized material, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, resistance to torsion and bending, durable, high fatigue resistance;
3. Tensile strength 1570/1770/1960Mpa can be selected, which can be suitable for various breaking tension requirements
4. The surface of the rope is well treated, no burrs, no broken rope, good brightness, more suitable for automated machines
5. Wide range of applications: suitable for traction, pulling, strapping and other purposes
6. Manufacturers, factory price sales, price concessions, good quality

Our commonly used constructions are 1*7, 1*19, 7*7, 7*19, etc.

Model selection:
1. Electro-galvanized steel wire rope is suitable for general use or indoors, if you need to use it outdoors, you could choose hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope, which has better corrosion resistance and rust resistance
2. If you need more flexible rope, we recommend 7*7 or 7*19 structure to form the rope
The more steel wire, the better the flexibility of the rope
3. If the rope is used for dragging or lifting, please tell us the weight or minimum load of the rope
Breaking tension, we can do the rope to your requirements
Common use: brake cable
Structure: 7*7 or 1*19, diameter 1.2mm~3mm, rope length 1m~5m, end head size

7*7,6*7,7*10 are commonly used, and there are also small spherical ones with a diameter of 5~14mm

Post time: Sep-14-2021