Bangyi Team Building Activity – A warm fire in the cold winter

Nothing can warms the heart like a BBQ in the cold winter!

In order to further strengthen the cohesion between the teams and enhance the unity and cooperation between the teams, on November 21, 2020, Bangyi organized a team building activity in the mountainous area of southern Jinan with the theme of "Splashing Passion, Flying Dreams, Riding the Wind and Waves, Building Dreams".

At 8:30 in the morning, we drove to the southern mountain area by car. It took an hour to finally reach the destination. The team building activity at the start of the happy laughter and cheerful voices of colleagues.

Due to the cold weather, we first performed indoor activities, such as billiards, chess and cards.

Activities include balance bridge competitions which can test cooperation and strength, Iron ring through electric ring games that test patience and stability, and also archery competitions. Among them, it is a particularly difficult project for the iron ring to pass the electric ring. Once the iron ring touches the electric ring, it will fail. The balance bridge is also a challenging project. If you are not careful, you will be thrown off the bridge. People with poor balance ability will find it difficult to stand on the bridge.

The colleagues encouraged each other, cooperated tacitly, fully carried forward the teamwork spirit, and successfully completed all challenge items. Through this activity, we learned many interesting skills, such as billiards and archery.

Then we had a BBQ during lunch time. Vegetables and meat are delicious, everyone take turns to grill the food. Many colleagues are the first attempt to grill food, everyone was very excited.

The warm sunshine, the smoke rising in the sky, the happy smiles of everyone, what a exciting journey!

Bangyi is a warm team, hope we can bring the warmth to you !       

Post time: Dec-31-2020