Galvanized steel wire rope Steel Core 6*7+IWS 6*19+IWRC

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The most common types are 1×7,7×7,1×19,7×19,19×7 and 7×37 etc. In material handling machinery, steel wire ropes are used for lifting, traction, tensioning and carrying. The steel wire rope has high strength, light weight, stable work, not easy to break the whole rope suddenly, and reliable work

  • FOB Price: US $0.05 - 0.25 / Meter
  • Min.Order Quantity: 10000 Meters
  • Supply Ability: 100000 Meters Per Week
  • Package: coil, wooden reel, plastic reel, iron reel, pp bag
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    Name Steel wire rope with Steel Core
    Diameter 0.3-16mm,etc
    Construction  1*7, 1*19, 7*7, 7*19, 19*7, 
    Length 500 mm/reel, 1000 mm/reel, 2000 mm/reel , or as your requirements
    Material Carbon steel, hemp core/cotton core/PP core
    tensile strength 1470,1570,1670,1770,1870,1960,2160MPA
    Surface treatment Electro-galvanizing, or hot-dip galvanizing

    The Introduction of Wire Rope

    The steel wire rope is a helical steel wire bundle that is twisted together according to certain rules of steel wires with mechanical properties and geometric dimensions that meet the requirements.


    There are three basic elements of which wire ropes are composed: wire filaments, strands,and cores.


    We make wire rope by taking the filaments, twisting or braiding them together into strands, and then helically winding them around a core. Because of this multiple strand configuration, wire rope is also often referred to as stranded wire.


    The first component, the filaments, are cold drawn rods of metal materials of varying, but relatively small diameter. 


    The second component, the strands, can individually consist of as few as two or as many as several dozen filaments. 


    The last component, the core, is the central element around which strands are wrapped;


    The main function of the rope core is to support the steel wire rope to achieve a stable cross-sectional structure. The rope core includes a steel core and a fiber core, and the fiber core includes a natural fiber core and a synthetic fiber core.


    The wire rope needs to bear the action of alternating load during the use process, and its use performance is mainly determined by the mechanical properties of the steel wire, the surface condition of the steel wire and the structure of the steel wire rope.

    Advantages of steel core vs. fiber core



    pp core3

      1. The steel core wire rope of the same diameter has a larger breaking force than a fiber core wire rope, and the load it bears is also larger;

    2. The steel core wire rope has better impact resistance and pressure resistance than the fiber core wire rope. The steel core wire rope is suitable for multi-layer winding;

    3. Steel core wire rope is higher than fiber core wire rope in terms of high temperature resistance. Steel core wire rope is generally selected for high temperature occasions;

    4. The fiber core wire rope is softer than the steel core wire rope;

    5. The lubrication of fiber-core steel wire rope is better than steel-core steel wire rope for storing oil.

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